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USASOC - Joint Operation Suggestion

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Unit Name: USASOC 
Website: N/A

Unit Type: (Light Infantry, Paratroopers, Air Assault, Special Forces, etc.)

Special Forces Specifically CAG and one member of SAD who serves as unit mission maker and intel.

Objective: (Reason for requesting Joint-Op) (ex. Looking to get milsim experience with other units, etc.)

Trying to expand unit relations whilst experiencing large scale operations.

Mission: (Dynamic Campaign, Single Operation, what you are looking to accomplish, goals ,etc. Try to give as much info as you can about the mission.)

Single operation so we can have a feel for each others play style and potentially a Dynamic Campaign to better hone our skills of working together with another unit.

Edited by R. Camora
Wanted to specify.
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  • Command Element

@R. Camora,

I will be your point of contact going forward. You will receive a private message from me to discuss this further when we are ready to proceed.

CPT Chase.T
Commanding, Co A\1-327 Infantry

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