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  • 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

    Monthly Newsletter


    April 2020 


    Published by S-2 Headquarters

    This Newsletter is intended for Task Force Alpha, Company Headquarters, supporting assets, and candidates.


    Deployment updates:  

    The Rangers are back! In April of 2020 the decision was made by previous unit headquarters members to fully reinstate the unit. In just a month, the unit was able to recruit over 15 members. While it is still in the building phase, the 3-75th has plans to begin a new deployment phase soon. Stay tuned as future newsletters will include photos from said deployments!


    Useful information for new and returning members:

    • Unit events occur at 2000EST on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Other non-scheduled events will be announced on the Discord. All members are required to notify their supervisor if they cannot attend an event.

    • Invite your friends to play! We have a Delayed Entry Program, which allows potential candidates to play with us for up to two weeks without officially signing up.

    • Recruiting two of your friends will allow one of them to be promoted to PFC, while recruiting 6 of your friends will allow one to be promoted to PFC and one to SPC! Check the unit orientation for more information.

    • All unit members must “check in” on perscom once per week. From the unit website, click Perscom, then Operations Center. There you will see a blue button marked “check in” on the right side of the screen.




    Recent candidates and RASP graduates:

    PFC Dooey.E

    PV2 Hegarty.R

    SPC Smith.G

    PV2 Zale.S

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