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  • Command Element

Feel free to join us in our Discord server to keep up with the unit, ask questions before joining, or get help during your basic training!


3/75 Discord Chat


Our same rules for forums, Teamspeak, or recruiting server etiquette apply. Violators will be removed quickly and harshly.


New Discord Joins:

Please type the following in the General chat:

Rank and name: (ex. PVT Hardcore.R)

Billet: (ex. 11B FTL, Assassin 2-3-A)

Any S-Shop Billets: (ex. S-4 Zeus)


If you are a new recruit, or in RASP, please type the following the chat:

Name: (ex. PVT Hardcore.R)

Link to your application: (post link)


An Admin will be along shortly to assign you the correct roles. In the meantime please change your name to your rank, initials (if applicable), and last name.

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