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Good morning,

This morning I have made some changes to the overall structure and organization of the unit. Firstly I would like to announce the closure of the Company HQ and opening of the HHC which houses the Commander, Executive Officer, Medical Officer and Command Sergeant Major.

With that being said Captain Parrish.D has been laterally moved to Medical Officer and will now be in change with overseeing all medical operations, procedures and training throughout the entirety of the unit. SGM McKnight.D has been moved to reserves upon request. CW3 Luckman.T has promoted to Command Sergeant Major. Bluefort.D has been promoted to the to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Two for all his work and dedication. Rat.P has been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and placed at the position of Platoon Sergeant for all his work and dedication. MAJ Chase.T will be acting as the Platoon Leader for the new Ranger Platoon and will be responsible for standing up the new platoon. (More information about the Rangers below)

160th SOAR has been consolidated. Two birds per company is now in effect. ie:) 2x MH-6 2x AH-6 etc etc. Dunkin.J has been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant and is now in charge the 160th SOAR.

I have consolidated and removed ODA 3212 and 3213 from the roster as we'll only be moving forward with ODA 3211.

I have transitioned the partner force into a organized platoon of the 75th Ranger Regiment allowing members to continue to choose their routes at the door between the ODA (if available) and if they're looking for more of a technical gameplay approach or the 75th with a more direct action approach.

Members taking the ODA route at the door will first become a Ranger, by completing the entry level pipeline otherwise going to be known as the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) which is a three day course broken down into OSUT, PRE-RASP and RASP. Once operators complete RASP they may request to opt into the SFAS, which this course will continue to be a month long course focusing on the technical side of completing their missions. 

Remember one is not to be treated higher than the other. These two elements are BOTH TIER TWO but just have entirely different mission sets. Which is why training durations are different for each route. 

The Rangers are our infantrymen with special skills. Rangers are often the first into battle. They raid and take control of enemy bases. The Rangers will be highly trained at capturing and securing airports and airfields. Our Rangers will be a quick strike force and the best light infantry force in Armaverse as we once we're known for. Basically in other words look at them as “shock troops.”

Special Forces soldiers are trained for unconventional warfare and direct action missions. Direct action missions are what Rangers specialize in yes but for our needs Special Forces operators will be trained in more surgical strikes. Special Forces are known as the “Green Berets” because of their distinctive headgear.  The mission of Special Forces is to go behind enemy lines to assist allies, gather intelligence, and carry out quick precision strikes.

Current ODA operators wanting to transfer to the Rangers must submit as transfer request form https://www.3rd-sfg.com/perscom/personnelaction/form/4-transfer-request/

Please give me some time in order to change the PERSCOM so it reflects this transition.

There will be a small modpack update tonight to house these changes.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to message me directly.

Edited by MAJ Chase.T
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