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Good morning Rangers, Night-Stalkers and Airmen,

Due to recent events of our unit addon being removed from the steam workshop we will now be uploading our private mod to the Google Drive which it'll need to be downloaded from there. All links have been provided in the Modpack information topic found below.

If you have any questions or concerns message your supervisor.

Some new additions have been added to the pack.

Mods updated:

  • @75th - Official Server
  • @75th - Ammo Boxes
  1. Navigate to Modpack Information found below.
  2. Subscribe to the Base Addon steam workshop collection.
  3. Download the three local folders (@75th - Official Server, @75th - Ammo Boxes, Userconfig).
  4. Extract all three folders.
  5. Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3.
  6. Drag and Drop the three downloaded local folders from your downloads directory into the Arma 3 directory as explained in step 4.
  7. Profit

If you happen to have any further questions make sure you message a recruiter.

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