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Task Force Razor - Joint Operation Suggestion

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First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for placing this in the wrong area; I'm not allowed to post in the correct sub-forum.

Also, nice to meet you! My name is Joshua Spangenberg, current commander of Task Force Razor.



Unit Name: Task Force Razor

Unit Type: (Light Infantry, Paratroopers, Air Assault, Special Forces, etc.)

SOCOM based unit. (2/75 Ranger Regiment, 24th Special Tactics Squadron, Naval Aviation, and 1st SFOD-D.)


Objective: (Reason for requesting Joint-Op) (ex. Looking to get milsim experience with other units, etc.)

Looking to expand our horizons, build diplomacy with other units and HOPEFULLY form some enjoyable operations.

Mission: (Dynamic Campaign, Single Operation, what you are looking to accomplish, goals ,etc. Try to give as much info as you can about the mission.)

Dynamic Campaign.


WWIII campaign, fought on the homefront of Lakeside. Currently running joint-operations with 4thID, whom of which operate using Bradleys.

Very immersive campaign designed to immerse the player and provide our team with a more diverse and difficult adversary who technologically matches the United States.


Thanks for your time! Let someone know you're looking for Spang when you join if I'm not present.


Kind Regards,


Joshua Spangenberg

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  • Command Element

@COL J. Spangenberg [TFR] ,

I will be your point of contact going forward. You will receive a private message from me to discuss this further when we are ready to proceed.

CPT Chase.T
Commanding, Co A\1-327 Infantry

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