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  • 3rd Ranger Battalion has deployed to the province of Halab-Syria 180013102020. In response to the numerous ISIS attacks happening sporadically throughout North America with nearly a hundred civilian casualties as the result of them
  • Be sure to check the calendar for all drill and live fire exercises being held for the month.
  • All unit members are encouraged to join an S-Shop. By doing so you are helping keep the unit organized and strengthening its backbone.
  • 3rd Ranger Battalion has reached it's 90 member milestone!
  • Be sure to vote for us every day!
  • Sulzner.M

    Honorable Discharge
    Bravo Grenadier
    • Enlistment Date

    • Induction Date

    • Promotion Date

    • Sulzner.M

      Private First Class

    • Rank Progress

      Date Rank Progress
      2020-11-24T04:24:45Z 0.4
      • Next Rank Specialist
      • Points Required 40
      • Rank Progress 40%
    • Weapon

      • Weapon
        M4A1 Block II Carbine
    • Timezone

      • Timezone
    • Length Of Service

      • Time In Service
        1 month and 2 days
      • Time In Grade
        1 month and 21 hours


    1. Name


    2. Promotion Points


    3. Verified Veteran


    4. Donator


    5. Knowledge Indoctrination Exam

      Not applicable

    Combat Duty Assignment

    Combat MOS


    Combat Position

    Bravo Grenadier

    Combat Unit

    Honorable Discharge

    Combat Supervisor


    Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

    MOS Position Unit
    Soldier is not assigned to any administrative units.
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