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  • 3rd Ranger Battalion has deployed to the province of Halab-Syria 180013102020. In response to the numerous ISIS attacks happening sporadically throughout North America with nearly a hundred civilian casualties as the result of them
  • Be sure to check the calendar for all drill and live fire exercises being held for the month.
  • All unit members are encouraged to join an S-Shop. By doing so you are helping keep the unit organized and strengthening its backbone.
  • 3rd Ranger Battalion has reached it's 90 member milestone!
  • Be sure to vote for us every day!
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    1. Welcome Candidates, This is a professional setting, expect to use military courtesy at all times during official functions. This means addressing by rank and name or sir/ma'am if the individual is an officer. To everyone, including fellow students. One Station Unit Training (OSUT) is a 1 day class you must complete to continue into the unit. Below you will find information you need to know before attending a OSUT. Keep in mind that the class may take up to 3 hours maximum. Welcome to One Station Unit Training, Please take the time to read all of the information on this page
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