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  • The 75th RR will be deploying to Afghanistan the 27th of February
  • Make sure to speak with your TL and SL before the deployment on what to expect
  • Contact Company XO for S-2 roles that are needed to be filled
  • Make sure you vote for our unit!
  • Pendola.J

    Active Duty
    Squad Leader
    • Enlistment Date

    • Induction Date

    • Promotion Date

    • Pendola.J

      Staff Sergeant

    • Rank Progress

      Date Rank Progress
      2021-05-16T14:34:11Z 1
      • Next Rank Sergeant First Class
      • Points Required 150
      • Rank Progress 100%
    • Weapon

      • Weapon
        M4A1 Block II Carbine
    • Timezone

      • Timezone
    • Length Of Service

      • Time In Service
        6 months and 16 days
      • Time In Grade
        3 months and 10 days


    1. Name


    2. Promotion Points


    3. Ranger Tab

    4. Verified Veteran


    5. Donator


    6. Knowledge Indoctrination Exam

      Not applicable

    7. Qualifications

      Designated Marksman Qualification
      Combat Engineer Qualification
      Land Navigation Qualification
      Military Freefall Qualification

    8. Schools

      One Station Unit Training
      Ranger Assessment and Selection Program
      Air Assault School
      Airborne School
      Ranger School

    9. Leadership Training

      Basic Leader Course
      Advanced Leader Course

    10. Military Occupational Specialties

      11B Infantryman

    Combat Duty Assignment

    Combat MOS


    Combat Position

    Squad Leader

    Combat Unit

    1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company

    Combat Supervisor


    Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

    MOS Position Unit
    RRC TE3 Scout Observer Regimental Reconnaissance Company Team Three
    11BX OSUT Drill Sergeant One Station Unit Training Staff
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