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First of all, welcome to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group.

This post is to inform you guys what you can do in the unit while attending and waiting on SFQC to finish:

-Attend trainings: As an SFQC student, you are allowed to attend all trainings that you desire. The only limitations being that you will be operating in a role of Partnered Forces until completion of SFQC.

-Get familiar with the forums and layouts. It is very important to be able to navigate your way around and keep yourself updated. Once you complete SFQC, your Detachment Thread or equivalents are very important for you to keep an eye on.

-Meet people. Introduce yourself or just sit around in a channel with a lot of people while they're talking and learn how the people around here are. In addition to being an ArmA Realism Unit, the 3SFG is also a gaming community and our members play other games together. Don't interrupt conversations and don't be annoying. You don't want to alienate yourself from others in the unit before even completing SFQC.

Hope you guys enjoy your time here.

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