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72nd Airborne Division | Campaign Proposal |

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Unit Name:72nd Airborne Division
http://72ndairborne.com/ipbdev/ (Site is being updated to PERSCOM 2.0) will be up on the coming week or so.
Teamspeak: 72ndairborne.tsservers.com

Unit Type: Airborne Division, we have a ACE Division which is aviation, and a ODA Detachment


Objective: I am wanting to see unit cohesion more in the arma community as a whole, with this said I believe our two units could operate well with the numbers we both have and the talent that is here. 


Mission: Dynamic Campaign lasting 7 weeks, every Saturday at 1800 CST for the duration of campaign. Additionally all of our campaign's are very detailed and dynamic at all times, depending on how each mission goes determines how the enemy will react. How the civilians will act, if we don't assist random people when we come across them that could have negative impact. Failing to clear out areas of militia, insurgents, etc. could cost you later down the road. Supplies have to be flown in, you don't just respawn and grab your kit again. Advanced medical is ran, along with custom mods for medical as many of our folks work for Bohemia and are well versed in the community. 


All of this wraps up into something that can and hopefully will be planned in the future, I have to talk with my CO and others and make sure we can get something spicy setup that all of our guys are cool with. In the mean time while I our website is on its way back to being published which we just wiped it on Sunday; you will be able to see a full roster!

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