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Command Staff: Who They Are and What They Do

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Over the past few years the understanding of who and what Command Staff is and what they do has slowly ebbed away. These days many members may not even know Command Staff exists, much less how they operate. This will, hopefully, bring light to the Command Staff of the 3SFG Realism Unit.

The Command Staff is the legislative/governing body of this unit. They are the ones who approve/deny/change all policies throughout the unit. Everything to the opening and closing of sections throughout the unit, are decided by Command Staff. These decisions are fully discussed and voted on by the members of the Command Staff during their weekly Sunday meetings. Generally speaking, Command Staff members discussed issues they have noticed themselves, or have received through the Chain of Command. They cannot, however, discuss things they are not aware of. This is why the Chain of Command is so important, because it will almost always reach Command Staff to be discussed when the Chain of Command is used properly.

Most decisions are approved by a simple majority of the Command Staff. However in most cases an issue will not be put to rest until a near unanimous decision has been made, because at any point the discussion can be brought back up to the table. I, personally, try to include all concerns into any decision we eventually reach so as to satisfy as many parties as possible.

Command Staff members are decided in two ways. The first way, which is the original way, is simple invitation to long-standing, respected members of the unit who the rest of Command Staff feels can provide a voice to the decision making of the unit. The second way is based upon billet: HHC, Company Commanders, and the senior section leaders of the Company Supporting Elements, will all be invited to Command Staff after they are cemented into their position. All of these except HHC members are removed from Command Staff once they have left that billet (HHC members retain Command Staff status throughout their career, if they ever choose to transfer from HHC).

Over the years we have had many respected and wise men sit in the seats of Command Staff. This list will be maintained as a record of those who are on Command Staff for public knowledge.

Current Members
Major Chase.T (3SFG CO)
First Lieutenant Parrish.D (3SFG XO)
Sergeant Major McKnight.D (3SFG SGM)
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Luckman.T (3SFG Co Tech)

Invited Members
Second Lieutenant Hover.D (SOAR CO)
Master Sergeant Rico.J

If you have any questions about the process, or recently discussed topics at Command Staff Meetings, refer to the Command Staff member in your chain of command. They will freely discuss these topics with you.

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