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  • The 75th RR will be deploying to Afghanistan the 27th of February
  • Make sure to speak with your TL and SL before the deployment on what to expect
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  • Game Server Policy

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    • Command Element

    Game server administration is a serious business, one that can make or break a server.  We have certain rules for Server Admin in order to maintain a fair and impartial image and to provide an enjoyable place for public gamers to play.  A side effect of proper server administration is that we may also get new candidates from the public server.

    Requirements for Game Server Admin Status
    The following members are eligible to take the Gamer Server Admin Class:
    Any E-4 (CPL) and above in a leadership billet
    Any E-2 (PFC) and above who is authorized by being an SFAS Instructor or Zeus Controller
    All officers who complete Officer Candidate School (OCS)

    Game Server Seniority
    The following policy outlines the hierarchy of seniority when it comes to administrative functions in any of the 3/75 Realism Unit Official Game Servers. Personnel of a lesser seniority will relinquish game server admin functions to a senior admin on request given the seniority list below. Any member that requires the attention of a Game Server Admin will seek assistance from personnel as low on the seniority list as possible to get the desired end result. Game Server Admins have a different seniority tree than the standard rank structure. Basically this structure is based on your billeted position, rank then seniority:

    3/75 CO
    3/75 XO
    3/75 1SG
    Command Staff Members
    3/75 PL
    3/75 PSG
    3/75 SSL
    3/75 FTL
    SOAR Senior Section Commanders
    SOAR Section Commanders
    Billeted Non-Leadership (Active Duty)

    Rules of Etiquette
    Only log into the admin to perform an admin function then log out.  If you end up going AFK unexpectedly or get disconnected no other admin can log in while you or your ghost is logged in.  The ranking 3/75 server admin has final authority on a server and is responsible for any action taken while they are on the server.

    Game Server Justification for Actions
    Non-Punitive - Warn then kick.  
    Special Duty Roles - If all special duty roles are full and a person is not doing their job in that capacity, or responding to requests to assist.  Admin may only kick if someone in Teamspeak is ready to assume the duties. Kick the player with the highest ping first.
    Novice Pilots - If someone is constantly crashing aircraft not due to enemy fire.  Request they cease flying and use the editor to learn.  If they continue then kick.
    Firing on Base - We do not allow firing on base unless it is in defense of the base from enemy AI.

    Minor Infractions - Warn then kick.  Repeated violations after a kick then you can ban.
    Team Killing - When unknown if teams kill is on purpose just warn the killer to be careful and move on.
    Shooting at vehicles for rides - Warn people that, shooting at vehicles for a ride is not a proper way to ask for transport.  Also remind them that if they kill someone in a vehicle while shooting them will result in a kick.
    Language & Racial Comments/Jokes - Name calling, foul language and racial related comments or jokes are not tolerated.  Ask the offender to cease their activity.

    Major Infractions - These are infractions that result in immediate banning.
    These are serious so be sure that you are absolutely certain as to a potential violator’s guilt if you witnessed the violations or that you have several witnesses reporting the violation.
    Griefing - Griefing is the purposeful act of making the game unenjoyable for other players; i.e. acts such as shooting players in the legs.
    Scripting/Hacking - Any confirmed hacking and scripting such as but not limited to; an admin observing a player teleporting across the island, spawning a vehicle right in front of them, or flying a vehicle they do not have the points to fly.   
    Intentional Killing - If you witness someone walk up to another person and shoot them.  Or watching someone taking a 5-ton truck and ramming a fully loaded helicopter are some examples.

    In closing, remember this is not a catch all written in stone guideline.  Use common sense and think through your actions prior to taking any enforcement action.  

    Prior to any banning do a #userlist and write down the players in-game name and their player ID.  Then ban the player and note the time and date. After leaving the game server, go to the Banhammer section of the forums and enter your actions for that day in a format similar to this:

    12/15/07 Approximately 2300 (11:30pm)  Server #
    Iamthetker 123456 - Griefing and team killing
    L33T 87432243 - Scripting, watch player teleport from base to Eponia
    Jenny 8675309 - Language, repeated use of racial slurs.

    This is the server’s Headless Client and kicking it will cause the HC server to shut down.

    RCon List
    Server Number is the one to three digit number in front of a player’s name when you use #userlist or use the in game "P¨ key.

    #userlist - Displays every person's Player name, Server number, and Player ID. (Have to be logged as an admin) 
    #login <password> - Logs you into the admin position in game
    #logout - Logs you out of the admin position
    #monitor <seconds> - Displays server data such as server frames
    #kick <player name> or <server number> - kicks the player from the game immediately
    #exec ban <server number> - permanently bans the player's ID number
    #lock - Locks the server, doesn't allow anyone to join
    #unlock - unlocks the server, allows anyone to join
    #missions - shuts the game down and pulls up the missions available to be started
    #restart - restarts the mission currently running on the server. *DO NOT USE*

    Admin Password Compromised
    Should you accidently announce the password publicly or in any way compromise the password, you are to immediately log into admin on the server and make a post in Banhammer titled “Admin Password Compromised”.  At this point you must remain logged into admin to prevent someone from abusing the admin password.  When the password is changed, it will automatically log you out.

    3/75 Realism Unit Operation Server Rules
    This is our private Training Server for our training exercises. This server will run custom 3/75 Realism Unit content. This server will require a password to join. 

    Private Server Rules:

    The private servers are online to provide our members with a place to conduct training, drills and participate in large scale exercises. It is not a locked server for members to practice irresponsibility. The rules governing the private server are fairly simple. They include the above listed Public Server Rules as well as the following:

    Any authorized training sessions, drills, Unit exercises or class sessions have precedence over any other uses of the server. Ask a Staff member if you are unsure of a training schedule. Do not interrupt!

    If you break it, you fix it and you bring it back. 
    This includes all vehicles and equipment.

    Unit members must be 'in uniform' at all times on the Training Server! In uniform is defined as using their registered 3/75 Realism Unit player profile and making an attempt to have a functioning squad.xml script.

    Private Server Guests 
    Unit members ranking Specialist (SPC) and above (or equivalent) may invite public players to join them on the private server under certain conditions. The private game servers are an excellent recruiting tool, and using the private server to help bring new members in is a great strategy and is encouraged within the guidelines of this policy

    Private Server Guest Qualification
    Guests must be 17+ to qualify to attend base unit events and Functions. Said guest must show a willingness to abide by the rules and regulations as established by the unit. Guest attendance is only allowed as a recruiting aid or as an observer from another unit seeking to gain insight on how to improve their unit.

    Private Server Guest Authorization
    Prior to the guest attending, The Company/ Section HQ must approve the guest’s request to attend the event. The HQ will also designate to whom the guest is assigned during the event. Only one guest is to be assigned to any single leadership position. This supervisor will be a Fire Team Leader at a minimum, and is responsible for the guest during the event. 

    Private Server Guest Restrictions
    If in attendance, guests are to observe the event and are only to operate in a very limited capacity under the watchful eye of their assigned supervisor. They are to refrain from operating in any official capacity of any kind. The guest is to refrain from operating any MOS specific equipment (I,E, vehicles, weapons platforms other than the M4, Etc.) The guest will refrain from assuming any leadership position during the event. The guest will be restricted to the basic rifleman loadout. The guest is not authorized to carry or use any explosive ordnance to include but not limited to HE Grenades, M203 rounds, AT-4, LAW, Etc. The guest will not interfere with the event in any manner. The guest is required to vacate the server at the conclusion of the event.

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