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SOAR(A) Videos

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Some AAR notes:

1.  Kick-off.  Departed homeplate and arrived at briefed PZ location.  Supported ground element not at PZ; PZ location had changed.  Left old PZ and flew to new PZ.  Shutdown aircraft and stood by for engine start.

Recommendation:  proceed to PZ only when supported ground force element has assumed PZ posture (area secure, ready to load upon arrival of aircraft).  Minimizes time on the ground.

Note: The new PZ was actually a COP, established when BLUFOR secured the area from OPFOR.  Aircraft would've flown directly to it as the briefed PZ.  Still PZ posture should be established for an expedited pick up of personnel.

2.  At the LZ.  Flew briefed route (after some changes given the new PZ).  Lead landed and chalk 2 landed right of lead.  Lead picked up, pedal turned right, and narrowly avoided chalk 2's aircraft.

Briefed landing position was lead to be right of chalk 2, pedal turn right after the pick up, and depart the area.  Recommendation:  announce any departures from briefed procedures; allows aircrew to have situational awareness and reaction time for the changes.

3.  Target engagements.  KaBAR engaged target at OBJ Swamp.  May not have supported operational intent.

Recommendation:  consider establishing no fire line or area to preclude premature engagement of targets.  At the appropriate time, the ground commander can lift those restrictions.

4.  On the way home.  Proceeded to PZ as directed.  Departed PZ without clear understanding of aircraft destination.  Chalk 1 proceeded to FOB MaxSec; chalk 2 to the "COP".  Chalk 2 proceeded to the dirt strip as the previously called COP.  Destination was actually the location of the PZ where BLUFOR started the op.

Recommendation:  Clarify destinations prior to lifting off (to allow marking on the map); choose naming convention to minimize confusion.

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