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75th Ranger Regiment
'Rangers Lead The Way!'

Commissioned Officer

Highly trained and respected, the Commissioned Officer is the end-all of every Army unit. Every decision is the responsibility of the Commissioned Officer, and it on their shoulders to take care of their e-Rangers and their unit. Nothing is treated with more levity and severity than the selection process of the Commissioned Officer, or the execution of their duties. Excellence is demanded at every turn, and failure to do so impacts not only upon the officer themself, but their unit as a whole. Every one of our officers comes with experience within the unit, and are given the tools to succeed in their post. It is their responsibility to get the job done. The prosperity of the unit and the enjoyment of the e-Rangers under their command is under their direct control. It is not a role to be embarked upon lightly.

Roles of the Commissioned Officer
Platoon Leader

Non-Commissioned Officer
To call the Non-Commissioned Officer the 'backbone' of any unit may be cliche, but it makes it no less true. The NCO wears all the hats; he is a rifleman, a tactician, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a counselor, a follow, and a leader. In every unit the NCO is the one person everyone looks to for direction and example, while simultaneously being the one leaned upon to implement and make successful teachings and new works. It is one of the most demanding roles in the unit, being looked at by both sides of new e-Rangers and officers. It is also one of the most rewarding, being able to look at the unit and say that they are the one to make it that way.

Roles of the Non-Commissioned Officer
Platoon Sergeant
Section Leader
Squad Leader
Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader

11B Infantryman
11B Infantryman's are the backbone of the army. In this MOS you can expect to do whatever you imagine an infantryman would do, from fighting the enemy on the ground, to kicking down doors. These personnel fill our elite special operations light infantry.

Roles of the 11B Infantryman
Anti-tank Gunner
Machine Gunner
Assistant Gunner
Automatic Rifleman

68W Combat Medic Specialist
Combat medics do exactly what you would expect a combat medic to do, they treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Our combat medics, fight right alongside our infantrymen on the battlefield. However, during missions they do have a different primary role, and that is again, treating injured soldiers.

Roles of the 68W Combat Medic Specialist
Platoon Medic
Squad Medic
Team Medic

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
'Night-Stalkers Don't Quit!'

153A Rotary Wing Pilot
Our Rotary Wing (helicopter) Pilots fly a multitude of aircraft. Our pilots, are qualified to fly multiple different aircraft, for whatever the missions is, and so they don't sit in a transport helicopter the entire mission. The aircraft we fly are the MH-60 Blackhawk, MH-47 Chinook, AH-6 Little Bird, and AH-64 Apache.

Roles of the 153A Rotary Wing Pilot
Detachment Commander
Aircraft Commander

16th Special Operations Squadron
'Death to the Enemy'

11F3B Fighter Pilot
Our 11F3B Fighter Pilots are majority of the United States Air Force Personnel in the unit. They fly the A-10C Thunderbolt II during missions.

Roles of the 11S1C Fighter Pilot
Detachment Commander
Aircraft Commander

38th Rescue Squadron
'These Things We Do, That Others May Live'

1T2X1 Pararescueman
The 38th Rescue Squadron is part of the 347th Rescue Group at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. It operates various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft conducting search and rescue missions.

Roles of the 38th Rescue Squadron
Aircraft Commander
Aerial Gunner
Combat Rescue Officer

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