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Recon Team Columbia - Joint Operation Suggestion (Straphangers)

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Unit Name: RT Columbia

(Note this discord is private and normally requires NDA for access. Tag me if you join it and I'll set you up)

Teamspeak: teamspeak.sogpf.com

Website: https://sogpf.com

Unit Type: MACV SOG Recon Company

Our group features MACV SOG veterans, friends and game developers from Savage Game Design (developer of Arma 3 SOG Prairie Fire DLC).
It is very informal, we don't have any written rules as our focus is development of the SOG Prairie Fire DLC.

It is made up of people who help beta test, and former SF/ SOG veterans and their friends and families who advise on future development.


Wishing to extend an invitation to 3SFG troops to strap-hang with MACV SOG veterans running recon in Laos.
Suggestion was made by Spc5 Don Haase (former 195 AHC OpCon MACV SOG) and supported by Maj. Gen. Ken Bowra (former CG 5th SFG, 1-0 RT Idaho/Sidewinder MACV SOG) after their recent visit to 3SFG at Ft. Bragg.


We run a 6-10 man recon op every sunday at 1500 Eastern. The op is led by Gen. Bowra as 1-0. The roster is generally a first-come basis. We play co-op PVE with SOGPF DLC and TFAR radio mod.

You'd be welcome to send a couple of guys each week to join our ops. It's quite an experience to be led "in the field" by a 2-star special operations legend.

We also play Mike Force afterwards which is more relaxed co-op and open to more players to attend. It's a little more casual, but we play with a good co-op spirit.
We've played with other serving SF before, and it's always a fascinating learning experience for us.



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Awesome, thanks for reaching out eggbeast. We will look forward to future events with your group. I've reached out to the discord. Look forward to hearing from you.

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