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  • Command Element

Definitions and Locations

  • Proposals form - Located in Command Announcements
  • Proposals posts - Located in Headquarters (restricted access forum)
  • CoC - Chain of Command, see policy
  • [Denied] - Proposal has been denied
  • [Accepted] - Proposal has been accepted
  • [Under Review] - Proposal is currently being discussed by relevant HQ
  • [Discussion] - Proposal is open for discussion by members with access

Making a Proposal
Any member who feels they have an idea for change with the goal of bettering the unit may submit a proposal for review.  A member wishing to do this must fill out the Proposal form located in Command Announcements by replying to this topic.  After submitting, the member will receive a reply from the relevant HQ making the decision as to the status of the proposal within 3-5 days. If the member has not heard from anyone on the status of their proposal after 7 days' time, they may contact their CoC in order to gain that info.

Access to Proposals Forum
Proposals subforum access will be given to all members in billets of Platoon HQ and up.  All members with access will not disclose information to non-pertinent members so as to keep the work of others private.

Discussions on Proposals
Only the CoC of which the proposal originated may respond to a proposal.  When marked with [Under Review], the reviewing HQ must state the level at which it is currently at.  3RB HHC and Command Staff may pull any proposal up to those levels as desired.  Members who are not a part of the relevant HQ or CoC may NOT post in the proposal unless the proposal is marked with [Discussion].  Relevant HQ or CoC may deem it necessary to receive opinions on subject matter and mark the proposal to be discussed through that tag.

Decisions on Proposals
Once a decision has been made on a proposal, the HQ from which the decision was made will adjust the tag to either [Accepted] or [Denied].  Once this has been done, the HQ will then contact the author of the proposal and give them the decision and the reasons for that decision. The HQ will then reply to the post stating the author has been informed.


State your proposal
What kind of proposal are you making? Are you suggesting a mod addition/reduction or a change to the overall unit structure?

Is the change cosmetic or functional?
How would your suggestion materialize in game? How would it improve the quality of life? Could your suggestion have a negative impact on the quality of life? Explain.

Explain how your proposal would benefit the unit?
Not every suggestion is a good one. Justify yours and substantiate your reasoning so that we can understand your train of thought.

Please submit your proposals under H&S Leadership in the Proposal submission Sub Forum.

Edited by MAJ Chase.T
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