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  • The 75th RR will be deploying to Afghanistan the 27th of February
  • Make sure to speak with your TL and SL before the deployment on what to expect
  • Contact Company XO for S-2 roles that are needed to be filled
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    • Command Element
    Posted (edited)

    Good afternoon Rangers, Night-Stalkers and Airmen,

    The S-4 Mod Team has pushed a modpack update which'll include the following changes and additions:

    1. Ferro Concepts Roll 1 Trauma Pouches
    For your immersive purposes we decided to add this as an inventory item as well.
    Instead of scrolling through and individually selecting your bandages, chest seals, medications, ect. The Trauma Pouch will act like and IFAK item that carries all of your medical goodies. Simply add it to your inventory (which can be found in miscellaneous under "Roll 1 Trauma Pouch") and when needed you can open it up and all the items that come preloaded will spill out into the next available storage spaces.

    2. A3E: KAT Medical RW Airway Extension

    • - This mod adds the ability for a player to use a stethoscope to diagnose a tension pneumothorax and a hemopneumothorax. The player does this by clicking on "Auscultate Lung Sounds". This will play 2 sounds, one for left lung and one for right lung.
    • - Adds usable stethoscope.

    3. KAT MEDICAL RW Sound Extension
    This mod adds sounds to the player when they have a certain injury. When the player has a supported injury you will hear the sound linked to that injury.

    • - Adds sound for hemopneumothorax, pneumothorax, and tension pneumothorax.

    4. KAT MEDICAL REWRITE Blood Extension
    This mod assigns a permanent blood type to a player. The players blood type is determined by the last digit in that users steam64 ID therefore they will always have the same blood type no matter what mission or server that user is playing on. This makes KAT Medical Rewrite Circulation more realistic. It also allows you to do a field transfusion and draw blood from another player.

    • - Assigns players a permanent blood type
    • - Adds ability to draw blood from another unit
    • - You need an empty blood bag from the arsenal, draw blood action is under advanced
    • - You can only draw blood from a player once
    • - Blood type rarity based on the real world

    When you load into a multiplayer mission this mod gets your steamID and saves the last digit. This last digit is used to select what blood type you are.

    My steamID is: 76561198135027246
    The mod looks at the LAST number in that id, in this case it is "1":
    O⠀ O⠀⠀O⠀⠀O⠀⠀A⠀⠀A⠀⠀A⠀⠀B⠀⠀B⠀ AB
     0⠀⠀1⠀⠀2⠀⠀3⠀⠀ 4⠀⠀ 5⠀⠀6⠀⠀ 7⠀⠀8⠀⠀9
    My blood type will be "A".
    Use Steam ID Finder to get your Steam64 ID[steamid.xyz]

    5. KAT Pharmacy 
    KAT Pharmacy is an expansion to the KAT Medical system focused on expanding medical gameplay through the addition of new medications and mechanics with focus on both realism and gameplay considerations. It should be noted that this is very much a work in progress with the expectation of at least one update a week until the addon is in a polished state. Feedback is always appreciated!

    Mechanical Changes

    • -A flowrate system based around different gauges of IVs and IOs, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.
    • -A revamped cardiac arrest system focused on a very rudimentary simulation of V-Fib and Asystole rhythms.
    • -Rudimentary simulation of Bradycardia and (soon)Tachycardia arrhythmias.


    • -Naloxone - Used to clear opioid overdoses caused by medications such as Morphine.
    • -Amiodarone - Used to treat shockable rhythms, very effective but can also create longer term issues that will need to be resolved later.
    • -Lidocaine - Used to treat shockable rhythms, less effective than Amiodarone but without the long term issues (subject to change).
    • -Atropine - Used to treat Bradycardia.
    • -TXA - Encourages the formation of clots to close wounds.
    • -Ondansetron - Prevents vomiting.
    • -Ammonium Carbonate - Used to restore conscieness under very specific circumstances.
    • -Changes to Epinephrine - Used to treat shockable and non-shockable rhythms.
    • -Changes to Adenosine - Used to treat Tachycardia(Once Implemented).

    Tools and Other Additions

    • -20g and 16g IVs - Used to allow for the delivery of fluids and certain medications (Amiodarone, Lidocaine, Atropine). IV Flow rate will increase and decrease based on pulse.
    • -45mm IO - Used to allow for the delivery of fluids and certain medications (Amiodarone, Lidocaine, Atropine). Higher flow rate than IVs and isn't subject to pulse. Longer time required to establish than IVs.
    • -Analyze Rhythm - Tied to AED-X and AEDs, checks for whether a rhythm is shockable or not.

    What does Swifty offer us?
    ➛Automatic updates
              Swifty will stay up to date - no maintenance required
    ➛Delta patching
             Download faster!
    ➛Deep PBO inspection
             Download less!
    ➛Uses standard HTTP
              Flexibility, Web server required only!

    Steps that will need to be taken:



    1. Download the Swifty application: https://getswifty.net/download 7dc02ca83f870a291003cfc6b7a61d2c.png
    2. Add a new Repository: d7e67d8c23e0356c39813ecd1c6c2b4c.png Address:
    3. Fill in the following repository information : 018572392266a2a06d8f036842765766.png
    4. Click the cog-wheel at the top right corner next to minimize: 5f08949466a8f1bcc286eac8b9bc20bc.png
    5. Change your settings to whatever you desire: ecaa644d1289219c9e7237212467f6aa.png
    6. Check for addons by clicking "Check Now": b43c4b706a5640077ef20621b644cf09.png
    7. Add your mods to your Arma 3 Launcher preset.
    8. Unsubscribe from Pulau
    9. Subscribe to Hazar-Kot Valley and KAT Pharmacy
    10. Profit

    If you have any questions or if you find any errors feel free to message your supervisors!

    If you happen to have any further questions make sure you message your assigned supervisors

    Edited by MAJ Chase.T
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