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  • The 75th RR will be deploying to Afghanistan the 27th of February
  • Make sure to speak with your TL and SL before the deployment on what to expect
  • Contact Company XO for S-2 roles that are needed to be filled
  • Make sure you vote for our unit!

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    • Command Element

    There has been four new supporting sections added into the unit composition!
    Mortar Section lead by a Senior Section Leader (SFC)
    Stryker Section lead by a Senior Section Leader (SFC) 
    Sapper Section lead by a Section Leader (SSG)
    Sniper Section lead by a Section Leader (SSG)

    Organizationally it will be structured as shown here: 857bd350cdb31e85ccf98fc90d79fb69.png

    Operationally these sections are broken down into Squads to support each task force based off the color code.
    Red: Task Force Alpha
    Blue: Task Force Bravo
    Orange: Task Force Charlie

    Administrationally each of these sections will open and close based off the expansion and consolidation of each task force.
    Therefore starting these sections out, all Task Force Alpha supporting sections will be open effective immediately. 

    If you have any questions, be sure to message your supervisors.

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