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Good evening Rangers, Night-Stalkers and Airmen,

Command staff has decided to push out the modpack early before the end of the deployment to facilitate the opening of the Regimental Reconnaissance Company, Team 3 and the expansion of the 1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Regiment. This update including changes to uniforms, back-end features, accessories, weapons and vehicles. Loadouts will need to be recreated.

Additionally there has been some removals which includes the alternate running animations, map open animations, TFAR Animations, and explosion effects. 
There has been some mods which have been removed from the Steam Collection:
All USAF Mods including AC-130 (UAV Added into 75th Official Server)
Shacktac Interface (Added into 75th Official Server)
Fort Jackson
cTab (Added into 75th Official Server)


Mods updated:

  • @75th - Official Server
  • @75th - Ammo Boxes


If you happen to have any further questions make sure you message your assigned supervisors.

Edited by MAJ Chase.T
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