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  • Command Element

Liberation missions files updated and are now live.

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  • SPC Richer.J changed the title to Public Server Information
  • CPT Chase.T changed the title to Public Server Information
  • Command Element




  • Preset ace armory crates added (Custom and OPFOR gear removed)
  • Loading image updated
  • Rule sign added
  • Stringtable updated to R6.0.
  • Woodland preset recreated and updated.
  • Presets selected between DES and WDL per mission.
  • Fixed init_presets.sqf throwing errors for missing class references in OPFOR infantry.
  • Fixed popup message about no entry for widthRailWay caused by missing value in standard_controls.hpp
  • S1 Recruiting Detachment sign added, buildable objects for S1RD and Rules signs added to build menu.
  • Helicopter start spawn locations and systems fixed to reduce exploding/disappearing helicopters on carrier/at start base.

Three new Liberation maps have been added:

In the case that you encounter a DLC missing kick make sure you have all maps downloaded.
Repair your old Maps, Unsup and Resup.

S1 RECRUITING DETACHMENT SIGN is a buildable item under the Buildings tab of the Build menu. This sign will lose its texture on mission restart/refresh or server restart. 3/75 members should take care that the old is recycled and a new sign placed at active FOBs for visibility. Thank you for participating in recruiting efforts with that small task. A small 1m/0.5m server rules sign has also been added through the same utility. This can be spawned if needed for reference, and is also subject to the same loss of texture on mission refresh.

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  • Command Element




  • HALO Jump re-enabled
  • Enemy strength and aggression reduced
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  • Command Element




  • Load mission changed from Chernarus to Takistan
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  • Command Element

3rd Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Public Server Information
Server Name:  3/75 - Public Liberation Server | https://3-75RR.com

Password: NONE
Public Server IP:
Port: 2302

Primary Mod Source: Steam Workshop

3CB Factions
CUP Terrains - Core
CUP Terrains - Maps
Enhanced Movement
Enhanced Movement Rework
LAMBS Danger
LAMBS Suppression
LAMBS Turrets
Zeus Enhanced
Zeus Enhanced - ACE3

Client-Side Mods 

Compass and Watch Enlarger

Anything not listed above will not be allowed on the server



Color Codes:

Green = Working, minimal bugs
Orange =  Some bugs, still playable
Red = Unavailable DO NOT LOAD

Magenta = Alpha/Beta Release, untested


ArmA 3 Public Server Missions:


Altis Liberation
Takistan Liberation
Chernarus Liberation
Sahrani Liberation
Lingor Liberation
Isla Abramia Liberation
Al Rayak Liberation
Tanoa Liberation



If you have an armory request (addition of items), please post it in this thread.

When possible, please include the item class name with correct capitalization (e.g. optic_MRCO, NOT optic_mrco).

If you experience an issue or bug on the server, please post it in a reply to this thread using the below format.

Mission Name: 
Severity (Major/Minor):
Suggestions (If any):



Role Select Rules:

  • All leadership slots Team Lead and above can only be filled by current members of the 3SFG(A) Realism Unit, for slots that they qualify for. 
  • Aircraft Commander slots may only be filled by 3SFG(A) Realism Unit officers that are flight-qualified for the airframe they will be filling. 
  • Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon JFO and Platoon Medic slots may only be filled by individuals qualified for those slots in the 3SFG(A).
  • When you wish to sign up for a slot, post in the mission thread that you would like to attend, what your in-game name is, and what slot you would like.

 Server Rules:

  • Friendly fire is prohibited. There is NO exception to this; NO moment when friendly fire is acceptable. Violators shall be banned without warning.
  • Racism, harassment, sexist remarks, and general disrespect are prohibited. Violators shall be kicked or banned without warning.
  • Exploits, unapproved mods, and use of personal arsenal are prohibited. Violators shall be banned.
  • No player other than a 3SFG(A) RU member may be voted as admin.
  • Only choose the slots you have signed up for. Any individual found in an unauthorized slot may be asked to change, or kicked.
  • Any issues with players breaking these rules can be reported here.
  • Asshattery is Deprecated. Infractions of these rules by 3/75 members shall be addressed through official disciplinary action.
  • Abusing Opfor Equipment (IE wearing kits in an attempt to roleplay as or look as close to the enemy as possible) is prohibited as it will cause possible blue on blue incidents.
  • All individuals shall be on TS using TFAR Beta, and observing the radio nets assigned by CoC.
  • All 3/75 members are representing the 3SFG(A), and will be expected to act accordingly with maturity and respect of the rules. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  • All warnings/bans for the public server will be enforced during public ops, and any incidents during public ops will affect a player’s ability to play on the public server outside of scheduled events. 


Radio Information:

PRC-152:  The primary radio for higher level coordination in the 3/75 is the PRC-152, which shares the same Software Communications Architecture as the RT-1523G, as well as a shared programming personality. The maximum effective range of the PRC-152 is between 5 and 15 km depending on terrain, obstructions, frequency, and atmospheric conditions. Information on the most useful channels programmed in the SCA template is available below. The full list is available here.

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  • CPT Chase.T changed the title to Public Server Information
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