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Good morning Rangers, Night-Stalkers and Airmen,

Command Staff has been working on the consolidation of our units pitfalls and traps that we have throughout the unit to make things easier for everybody coming in and out of the unit. S-4 has spent the last two days working on establishing our entire modpack onto the steam workshop so the all members and outsiders have ease of access to our modpack download and updates.

As all of you know S-4 spends a lot of time looking out for us when it comes to our modpack to make sure we include everything that we need operate at 100%. So we did exactly that and included everything that we need to perform and be effective. There's some pretty nice and unique things in this pack that everybody should enjoy. Obviously keeping consolidation in the back of our heads throughout our time doing this. So all of our berets, ACUs, vehicular assets, additional equipment will still be there. Actually more than what was there before.

Additional reasons:

  1. New members just need to click one button to download the entire modpack.
  2. Unit Friends can plug-and-play when it comes to our operations.
  3. Mods match up with other unit mods which eases the access for joint operations possibilities.
  4. When updates are made, members will not have to redownload the entire 3GB custom addon off of the google drive for just for one pbo update. It's an unnessessary step and waste of internet for people who are limited throughout the unit.
  5. Our entire modpack can stay up-to-date with all steam updates happening automatically when developers release them for the mods that we are using. Reducing errors on the server log from outdated mods increasing overall performance.

All previously downloaded local mods may be removed from your computer as they are deemed out-of-date at this time.

If you happen to have any further questions make sure you message a recruiter.

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