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Forum Use Overview
The following articles outline the expectations of all members in their use of the unit forums.  All members creating an account are expected to have read and understood these expectations and therefore can be held accountable for their actions in their posts.  Professionalism and respect are expected from everyone that uses the unit forums

Forum Administration - Applying the forums systems to the unit and its personnel (I.E. processing new applicants, banning personnel under certain criteria, The ability to monitor IP addresses, adjustment of user profiles and other back end systems that affect the forums as a whole.)

Forum Moderation - Providing oversight to the forums and ensuring that topics and their posts remain on subject and are professional in nature. Moderation also encompasses making changes within a forum section to allow them to function on a newly intended level.  

Forum Administration
All sections of the forums are to be administered by Command Staff personnel. The S-1 Section and its members will gain limited administration rights to the forum if their duties require that capability.

Forum Moderation
Forums moderation is the responsibility of the individual section leaders to which each section of the forum is applied. These individuals will oversee the day to day operations on their respective section of the forum and ensure that all posts and topics are professional and inline with the forum etiquette covered below.   

Forum Access
Forum access will be granted to users based on their billet and secondary duty billets.  If any member believes they do not have access to an area of the forum in which their billet requires said access, they may inform their CoC so that their forum permissions can be looked into.  Any member that has extra forum permissions and does not bring it to the attention of their CoC will be found guilty of false statement.  The following chart shows and governs the rights of access to all members based on their billet:

Forum Etiquette
All members who gain access to our forums accepts as their responsibility to maintain the professional atmosphere in their communications and posts.  At no time shall any member violate the rules stated in the Disciplinary Policy or otherwise bring any discredit onto the professional atmosphere while on the forums.  All posts made on a topic must be of relevance and without the intention to disrupt and/ or derail the posted topic.  All posts made within the Tun Tavern are to remain respectful but may be lighthearted and non-3RB in nature. 

Forum Justification of Actions
The following actions are considered infractions upon policy and will be dealt with in accordance with the rules and articles governing the 3/75.  All actions listed below are logged.  Any action taken on the forums under a member’s name and account are considered to be the actions of that member.  Ignorance of someone else using your account will not be held as a defense unless that users IP shows obvious and blatant theft of the member’s account.

Forum Admin Abuse
No member with access to the ability to edit permissions shall use this ability to grant themselves access to areas restricted to them.  Any person found to have abused the trust granted to them through their position will be immediately brought to a formal investigation and may be removed from their position.

Restricted Topics of Discussion
At no point will any member discuss on the forums or otherwise any controversial material to include but not limited to Politics, Abortion, Sexuality, Race, Religion, etc..  Any topics based on these controversial subjects will be immediately closed and any key individuals posting will be informed to stop.  Repeated offense of this rule may result in higher level of disciplinary measure.

Posting of Illicit Material
No person shall be party to the posting of illegal, pirated, pornographic or otherwise illicit material on the forums.  Any person seen to have posted such material may face a formal investigation and charges of actions unbecoming of a member of the 3/75.

All members shall be expected to treat everyone with the utmost respect.  No person shall berate, harass or create a generally hostile environment toward any one person or group of people.  Any member who expresses their wish for such posting to be stopped shall immediately be heeded by all other members.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions based on severity of the harassment.

No member shall break the confidential nature of private information to anyone without access to that information.  All forum rights are considered to come with the trust of the 3/75 that such access will not be abused or compromised.  Any violation of this trust may be seen as reason for removal and possible formal investigation into the damages done.

Affronts toward US and Foreign Militaries
No member shall post any material of which directly insults a branch of the military, foreign or domestic.  Any member found to be smearing those who honorably serve their nation may be subject to a formal investigation.

Excessive Swearing
No member shall excessively swear in any post.  While mature language is allowed, doing so to excess is considered crass and unprofessional.  Posting of excessive swearing may result in a counseling and continuing to do so may result in more severe actions.

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