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2/5 SFG Joint Operation Proposal

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Unit Name: 2/5 SFG
Teamspeak: IP: Password: 25ru

Unit Type: ODA 5211, 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group


Objective: Looking to broaden our connections in the Arma milsim community and enjoy a good operation with some new faces.


Mission: We are looking to host a single operation with your unit and potentially one other unit. The concept of this operation would be a Vietnam war scenario based around a MACV SOG Hatchet Force team infiltrating Laos to search for part of a missing SOG recon team. Our idea for this operation would be to have roughly a platoon sized Hatchet Force with squads mixed with different unit members to play with some new faces and make some new connections. The 2 or 3 MIA SOG team would be split between each unit and would have to evade enemy contact while the Hatchet Force team fights to recover the missing team. 


2/5 SFG is able to host with our teamspeak and Arma servers as well as providing a mission template and OPORD once more of the logistics are discussed with all participating units.


I look forward to hearing from your unit and would like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays from 2/5 SFG!


1LT Halverson

ODA 5211 Detachment Commander

2/5 SFG

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Good afternoon Mr. Halverson,

Thank you for your interest in a joint operation with our unit. At this time we are not interested in joint OPs that aren't modern era. If you are ever interested in that, please message me with some videos of your unit in action or just come to our Teamspeak and we'll talk about how we could work together. I apologize for the late response as we just returned from Christmas break.

Thank you,
CPT Clay.L

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