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  • May 07
    Happening Today

    TE3 RRC Drill

    Team 3, Regimental Reconnaissance Company drill instructed by @SSG McNubby.S

  • May 08

    26th STS Drill

    26th Special Tactics Squadron drill instructed by @1st Lt Parrish.D

  • May 23

    Rifle Range Qualification

    Rifle Range Qualification instructed by @SSG McNubby.S

  • May 10


    Ranger Assessment and Selection Program is instructed by @SSG Hampton.B

  • May 04

    Combat Operation

    Unit-wide Combat Operation or Deployment

  • Apr 30

    Decoration Ceremony

    Unit-wide promotion and decoration ceremony

  • May 01

    Designated Marksman Qualification

    Designated marksman qualification instructed by @SSG McNubby.S

  • May 05

    160th SOAR (Assault Drill)

    160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) lift drills instructed by @CPT Luckman.T

  • May 05

    Assassin 1-1 Drill

    Assassin 1-1 Drill instructed by @SFC Clay.L

  • May 05

    16th SOS (CAS/ISR Drill)

    16th Special Operations Squadron close air support and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance drills instructed by @CPT Chase.T

  • May 03

    Anit-tank Qualification

    Anti-tank qualification is instructed by @SFC Clay.L

  • May 09

    Machine Gunner Qualification

    Machine Gunner qualification instructed by @SFC Clay.L

  • May 11

    Combat Lifesaver Qualification

    Combat Lifesaver qualification instructed by @SGT Rico.J

  • May 15

    Forward Observer Qualification

    Forward Observer Qualification instructed by @TSgt Woods.R

  • May 19

    160th SOAR (CAS/ISR Drill)

    160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) close air support training instructed by @CPT Luckman.T

  • May 17

    Basic Airborne Qualification

    Basic Airborne/Air Assault Qualification instructed by @1st Lt Parrish.D

  • May 18

    Combat Engineer Qualfication

    Combat engineer qualification instructed by @SFC Clay.L

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